26 Union Road is a very homely, safe house and is situated in a lively and friendly student environment. The location of the house (on the edge of the castle wall) means that you are at the heart of Lincoln’s main attraction and there is always a lot going on including the famous Christmas Market. Union road is also directly in the centre of town and university, ensuring that you can go ahead with whatever you have planned that day. Brian and Pauline are outstanding landlords and over the past 2 years we have became extremely close and we will miss them greatly. From last minute phone calls regarding the loss of room keys, to ensuring we have a new fridge promptly when it broke- Brian will always drop his plans and put his tenant first, in order to solve whatever problem is at hand instantly.  From the comparison of landlords with many other student this is extremely rare and they truly go far beyond what is expected of them as landlords.

A students experience at university consists of numerous components (including accommodation), and our accommodation at 26 Union Roadhas been outstanding throughout, enabling us to forget about the typical problems and stress of a student (having no hot water or internet etc) and focus on the aims and expectations of university. Brian and Pauline will take care of their tenants to a standard they would expect for their own children. Examples of this include upgrading the Internet to ‘fibre optic’ so that connection for all 5 of us was fantastic, as well as fitting an alarm system throughout the house for safety (after expressing out concern about the robberies of student houses across the Lincoln area)” A big thankyou!!!

26 Union Road 2015

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I lived in 116 for my third year of uni and I definitely couldn’t have imagined anywhere better. The house has everything you could possibly need which makes living in the house enjoyable on a daily basis. If any of the facilities needed to be fixed or changed, then Brian would get onto it straight away (not very often we had a problem though). Brian would also add little extras here and there to make sure we are as comfortable as we can be. I would definitely recommend Pauline and Brian to everyone. Because of these two and living in their house, I’ve made two friends for life. This house doesn’t feel like a student house, it feels like a home which is the best thing when you’re stressed with essays to write. Having a huge garden helps as you can relax and do your work in the sunshine as well. I hope my next house is just as nice and the landlord is as friendly and helpful and as understanding as these two have been.


The year I spent at 116 Longdales road was very enjoyable, the landlords are lovely and reasonable and always there to help, if you ever have a problem with the house they are round right away to fix it straight away as well as adding extras to make the house better at all times. The house is immaculate with up to do date facilities and furniture, the rooms are spacious – even the small one that I rented had lots of storage space and is a lovely room to rent although most people would usually avoid it, I loved this room! The house is the best student accommodation I have seen in a long time, being a student for the past 4 years I have seen a lot! It doesn’t feel like a student house it does in fact feel just like home! Very good house and landlords would definitely recommend 🙂


I lived at 116 for my 3rd year of uni and I couldn’t have been happier! The house is lovely and so comfortable to live in; it’s more like a home than a student house. One of the things I appreciated most was the spacious rooms, large amount of storage in the bedroom and kitchen, and the fact it is only a 5 minute walk away from the university. Another bonus is how wonderful the landlords are, Pauline and Brian are friendly and more than willing to help should you ever need it, especially Brian the handy-man. I really recommend this place for anyone that is looking for a comfortable place to call your home from home.